This page contains Terms and Conditions for This Side Up Photography.

  1. Booking Deposit and Payment: The Client shall make a 50% advance payment when the agreement is signed and the balance within 20 days after the event/shoot is concluded. Late payment charges would be applicable if the order is not fulfilled within 45 days from the date of origination unless termed in the agreement
  2. Cancellation:If the Client shall cancel this Agreement more than six (6) calendar days before the photo shooting day, any booking fee paid to the Photographer shall be refunded in full the date is re-booked. If the cancellation occurs less than six (6) calendar days before the photo shooting day, the Client forfeits the booking fee.
  3. Photographic Material: This Side Up Photography would be able to provide raw footages on the request of the client and will incur additional charges. This Side Up Photography reserves the right to edit and release only that video/photos deemed credible as professional in quality and within the Videographer/photographer’s artistic standards.
  4. Failure to Perform: If This Side Up Photography cannot perform this Agreement due to any casualty, or other cause beyond the control of the parties, or due to the Photographer’s illness, then the Photographer shall return any funds previously paid to the Client but shall have no further liability with respect to the Agreement.
  5. Client’s Data Management: This Side Up Photography manages data for the Client for not more than 90 days. Post 90 days the data is moved to archives and maintained for additional 275 days (total term 12 months). Under any circumstances, if the Client wishes to retain the data post 90 days, there would be additional charges incurred by the Client.
  6. All the services will be performed in a safe good manner by fully trained, skilled, competent and experienced personnel using at all times adequate equipment in good and working conditions. The videographer/photographer may delegate incidental responsibility to the staff but primary responsibility for fulfilling the services remain with the videographer/photographer.
  7. It would be This Side Up Photography’s responsibility to provide all equipment and supplies required to perform the services and consult the Client about specific footages or individuals to be shot at the event.
  8. Client’s Obligations: Make timely payments to This Side Up Photography as mentioned in the agreement.Obtain permits and necessary permissions for all locations at which the This Side Up Photography is providing services. Provide relevant information to assist This Side Up Photography regarding the shoot.If the Client needs any additional services offered by This Side Up Photography, and This Side Up Photography agrees to fulfill that request the client will be billed for those additional services at then agreed – on rate.
  9. Licence: This Side Up Photography grants the Client a non exclusive, non transferable license to use the video/photo for personal/professional use only.